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Our fixed wing operation operates a DHC-2 Beaver on floats.  This is a six passenger aircraft and the useful load is roughly 1870 lbs.  With the pilot and 2.5 hrs of fuel, the useful load is 1250 lbs. On short hauls it can handle 1400 lbs.  Pretty much anything within the weight limits can be carried inside or strapped on the outside of the Beaver.

Our rotary wing division operates a Hughes 500D.  This is a four passenger helicopter and the useful load is 1410 lbs internal.  The 500D will sling 1000 lbs quite nicely.

Note:  For the 2016 season we are unsure if we will operate helicopter for this season.

Our Base:

Our main base is Finlayson Lake, 150 miles north of Watson Lake on the Robert Campbell Highway.  We have a large staging and fuel area at the location as well as very secure storage for your vehicles or gear.

Crew accommodations and Workshop

Along with our fixed wing and helicopter services, we also offer crew accommodations at Inconnu Lodge.  This resort makes an excellent base for crews of 2 - 20 workers for one evening or for the whole season.   We have separate crew accommodations with electricity, a shower house as well as a large cook house complete with a big screen TV.  There is also internet service as well as phone service for complete communications.

We have a great workshop at Inconnu Lodge and we can repair almost anything from welding to mechanical repairs.  We carry a good supply of nuts, bolts, metals and oil.  Anything you may need, we have at Inconnu Lodge.

Inconnu Lodge also has a 3000 ft airstrip right behind the lodge so wheeled aircraft can be brought in.


We handle Jet A, 100 LL AV Gas, Diesel, Propane and an assortment of oils.  Our fuels are trucked in bulk so we are able to offer our clients very competitive pricing.  We also have 100's of clean 45 gallon drums that can be used to service your needs.  Our fuel storage is around 23,000 gallons / 104,000 liters.


2016 Rates:

DHC-2 Beaver                       $   700.00 per hour, plus fuel. The Beaver burns 110 liters per hour.

Hughes 500D                         $1,195.00 per hour, plus fuel. The helicopter burns 130 liters per hour.

Crew Accommodations        $200.00 per person per day 


Accommodations include: meals, bagged lunch, shower and laundry facilities, internet, satellite TV and telephone availability. 






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