Kluane Airways Ltd. bases it's operations out of Inconnu Lodge, 180 air miles east of Whitehorse and 120 air miles north of Watson Lake, in Canada's Yukon Territory. Because of our unique location we are able to offer the lowest pricing and logistics for trips into the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the NWT. Our tie in with Inconnu Lodge, a world class fishing and recreational resort in Canada’s Yukon Territory and Inconnu being only 87 miles from the Cirque, offer our clients a superb base to fly out of.

Kluane Airways Ltd does not just offer a flying service to the Cirque, we offer a full range of services like providing full services to the canoer or kayaker, and catering to the Do It Yourself type who is trying to save a dollar. We provide many other services; hotels in Whitehorse can be booked via our office; if clients lose gear in route we can supply a good deal of climbing equipment, camp stoves, camp stove fuels, tents, foam mattresses and food. We also offer a service where we will supply topographical maps and route maps for a number of the climbs at the Cirque.

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